Dee-Ann Arey, LMT Safe Nurturing Touch Massage Therapy

COVID-19 Safeguards

To put your mind at ease, I want to let you know all the precautions that I am taking.

All linens including curtains (I have 3 sets) are washed, all surfaces are wiped down with a bleach solution, and I completely change my clothes in between clients! I am also using a UV ozone machine in between clients for extra peace of mind and sterilization! This machine is not required but I decided to use it.

The bathroom is wiped down in between clients, including the floor.

I have a moisture barrier over my fleece heating pad. Thankfully I found a non crunchy sounding one, I should say three because I need to have 3 on hand.

I am also using an UV light to sanitize the face hammock, that I create with a pillowcase for mask free yet safe breathing while face down, the plastic container to hold the client's mask (even though I wipe it with the bleach solution also) and the Kleenex that it showing in my Kleenex box holder.

I am asking that all clients text me when they arrive. I meet them outside under my deck, wearing my mask, face shield and gloves. I am not required to wear my gloves for the massage.

I leave my UV wand on the table by my new client entrance door, for clients to use to sanitize their masks before entering. I am requiring the use of N95 or KN95 masks or a cloth mask with a KN95 filter.

I then take their temperature with my non contact scanning thermometer and then I hold the door for them.

I also require all clients wash their hand before and after their massage. I have a large plastic storage tote in my studio for clients to store all their personal belongings and then close it while they are receiving their massage.

I have a plastic container available for their face mask to be carefully stored while they are face down using the face hammock for the second half of their massage.

I have a air purifier/HPA filter running during the session. This machine is also not required but keeps our air cleaner.

After the massage, the client redresses with their mask and then tells me they are ready so I can open the door for them.

After payment and rescheduling of the next appointment client washes their hands and I again hold the door for them.

The client can again use the UV wand on their mask, phone, wallet and such.

Thank you for all your help to keep us all as safe as possible during this time.