Dee-Ann Arey, LMT Safe Nurturing Touch Massage Therapy


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Here are just some of thier comments.


Dee-Ann is an accomplished practitioner with a solid grounding in the various modalities she studied. She is happy to adapt her own techniques to the needs of her clients. Her desire to make a difference in her clients well being is always evident. I have the highest respect for Dee-Ann and happily recommend her.

Chuck Lamb


Dee-Ann has been my massage therapist for over 16 years now. Over the 15 years I have worked as a dental hygienist, I have had massages from several different therapists, but never continued to work with the same therapist until I found Dee-Ann.

Dee-Ann has appointment times that work well with my families busy schedule, her fees are appropriate for the services offered, she has a very pleasant and relaxing massage studio, and she gives an incredible massage!!

Dee-Ann is very thorough, she adapts the pressure she applies to ensure patient comfort, and she will tailor your massage the way you would like it (i.e. if you neck is bothering you more than other areas, she will spend more time on your neck, and less time in areas less troubled).

I'm a HUGE Dee-Ann fan!!! 

Heather Reed-Wilcox


As a migraine sufferer dealing with chronic pain following a motor vehicle accident, I have visited many massage therapists with varied results. Dee-Ann's commitment to her clients coupled with her enthusiasm for continuing her education has kept me coming back. Her ability to truly listen and address specific concerns is an absolute gift.

Margo Roberts


Dee-Ann is the best therapeutic massage therapist I've encountered. When life's stresses tighten my neck and shoulders and my whole body hurts after a taxing workout, I visit Dee-Ann!



The most relaxing massage I have ever had!

Lisa Dixon